The Musicians Speak

"Your performance at Blue Note, Tokyo, was one of the best musical experiences I have had in my life.  The groove you created with Idris Muhammad and James Cammak is timeless and universal and even spiritual; it is the kind of music I've been hearing in my head for a long time, but seems difficult to find these days...your music is more dynamic and bursting with love than ever before...thank you for the great music you have created."
FT, Tokyo

"Your music always frees my body as well as my mind/soul and brings me to the top of something fantastic.  I thank you very much.
KT, Tokyo

It has been almost a year since I've seen you play and I still hear the gig in my head.  the magic of that night has not left me.  I was moved deeply by your music and have been inspired to practice harder.  Your bass player and drummer were so good it made me want to cry...I will remember that night as one of the best musical experiences ever!


Dear Sir

I heard you at the Baltic Jazz Festival last year for the first time live. Your appearance has made a deep and lasting impression on me: thunderstruck by the sheer power of your music and the ultimate precision and interaction in the band, yet enthralled at the same time by it's subtle, elegant and narrative quality...I bought all the CD's I could lay my hands on; however wonderful they may be, none comes close to the incredible impact your live-appearance has made on me...I was so mesmerized by (your) music...I've heard most of the contemporary jazz artists (Miles 5 times), but I can safely say that that was one of the most memorable.

D.L. Germany


It is impossible to express proper regard and appreciation.

It’s for the gift you have given.

If ever it seems that you have not transcended the bonds of the common man, just know that most people cannot reciprocate their hearts and passion as you do.

Great Art and Great Artists, such as yourself, are the saving grace of man.

I hope you’re having fun.

A listener

My wife, father and I saw you at Jazz on the Bistro in St. Louis and truly enjoyed ourselves.…I felt I was truly in the presence of someone great.



Hello, I’m l9 and from Green Bay, I have just recently dug a deeper root into jazz when I bought your “But Not For Me”. You know to me that record is priceless, even though I bought it at good will for forty cents, but hey, I don't ever think I’ve ever spent money with such wisdom before in my life...sitting down and just feeling all the vibes. Your music must be a real personal thing to you. Full of your life.


Thanks for the lovely evening of exceptional music! I could not have had a better time doing anything else than what I did tonight. While it rained outside, I sat in a cozy booth and listened to MAGIC.

Thank you so much. G (S.F.)

To the greatest pianist ever: Ahmad you I thank for such great music.

I have a lot of friends who play music...some who play funk, punk, rock, blues hip-hop...all of them swear by you...we all listen to your timeless, classic music. I am ashamed to say that I only recently discovered your music...(about a year ago)...and now I find it hard to take it off the CD player or off the turntable.

On another note...Henry Rollins, an old school punk rocker lives by your music...and I quote him from a show....."If you ever have a chance to see Ahmad Jamal in concert don't walk to buy your ass off...he is the best you will ever see...."

I will take his advice in the near future....take care.

sincerely, emb

I am writing a thank you for the years of great music that you have made. My mother is one of your biggest fans, and I have grown up loving your music through her. Now my kids will do the same, and we hope to see you live someday this summer, well at least two of the three generations; my girls are just one and two. Thanks again



Your playing is beautifully hip, swinging and cerebral and you are a classy refined intellectual, too.


Dear Mr. Jamal

This morning on the way to work, I heard National Public Radio announce that today was your birthday. Hearing that announcement reminded me of the hours of enjoyment, your music has provided me. I bought a copy of "Portfolio of Ahmad Jamal" when I was in college and enjoyed it until my turntable retired. Hopefully it will be reissued someday in CD or DVD format. I still find myself humming or whistling "Tater Pie", "Surry With the Fringe On Top," and of course, "Poinciana." Your beautiful music fueled my interest in jazz, and you remain my favorite performer. Thanks again for a lifetime of great music. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and that God blesses you with many more.

D.P., San Antonio

Mr. Jamal:

I am a pianist who has always admired your work. Recently a friend sent me a video, probably from l959, of your trio doing Darn that Dream and Ahmad's Blues. I have watched Darn that Dream about 80 times amazing performance (and to think they placed Hank Jones right by your left hand, not to mention G. Duvivier and J. Jones behind their respective instrument mates) Just wanted to express my appreciation...Thank you for all you have done for music and for me.


Hi Ahmad,

I have enjoyed your music for 50 years. My Dad turned me on to you when I was just a kid, and now I'm doing the same to my kids. They love your music too. Thanks for making our house such a musical place all these years!!


Dear Brother Jamal, may all blessings be with you. I am writing out of praise of your musical talents and in homage to what you and your music has brought to my life’s pleasure.

I will tell you that you that you and the album "Live at the Pershing" was my introduction to you and to Jazz. Think I was about 12. What captivated me the most was on the Pershing LP (still have the LP and the CD) was the drummer until one day, I really heard your piano. I really sat and listened to "Poinciana, “Surry With The Fringe on Top”, etc...Daily after school, before anyone would get home, I would blast Poinciana over and over and over. Memorized it! Every chord, every branch of Israel, Vernell and yourself. Down to the champagne glasses clinking on the table and a voice saying in the crowd "she's down at the other table." I had never in my young life been so addicted to anything like I was to Poinciana. The drummer's syncopation, the phonetic scaling of the keys, the stroll of the bassist, the story I hear in my head, makes my spirit move as though it were sent on a magical journey. That irresistible urge to move, pat my foot, and not my head then and now, 38 years later. I have several versions of Poinciana but nothing will ever come close to your original live performance....

Your music is much appreciated and I have enjoyed your concerts as well. Please continue to represent what I consider one of the finest representations of our African contribution to the world.

Sincerely, GA, Jazz Junkie!

All Praises!

I and my friends have been very ardent fans of you for many decades and we all are in awe of your talent. We all have just about all your recorded music of your career.

We have been waiting in eager anticipation over the past years hoping that we would read of your coming to Australia for a concert tour. Reluctantly assume that it is now not going to ever happen, if you ever did, you would get a surprise how many people here in Australia would attend. I myself am now aged 64 years old and am very pleased that during my time I have been fortunate to have seen such artists Louis Armstrong, Oscar Peterson, Ella, Frank, Count Basie, Duke Ellington (twice), and many more..To see you live would be an answer to my prayers. I hope you and your family are in good health and I take this opportunity to wish you well on behalf of myself and your army of fans here in Australia.

E.G. South Australia